Copper Calling 10-30-14

A good trading opportunity appears to be shaping up for copper. Although the price of copper has slipped about 10 percent this year, it has been quite resilient in the face a lot of bad news, and relative to the declines in other commodities. Chances are we’re close to an important bottom in the metal for several reasons. Read more about Copper Calling 10-30-14

Like We Said...Things Aren’t So Bad After All 10-23-14

After a correction of little more than 7 percent stocks have bounced back nicely in recent days. Aiding the rally today are signs of renewed vigor for many of the world’s largest economies and decent earnings and guidance from industrial companies. Read more about Like We Said...Things Aren’t So Bad After All 10-23-14

Spooked! 10-9-14

Halloween is still a few weeks off, but investors are already spooked as volatility is returning to the market after a long absence. Nine of the last 12 trading days have seen intraday swings of more than one percent. We last experienced such volatility at the end of February’s swoon and at the bottom of the market in the summers of 2013 and 2012. But truth be told, this is simply a return to historical norms, not something to be feared. Read more about Spooked! 10-9-14

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October 3, 2014

Time to Buy Gold Shares

This issue we look at a tried-and-true indicator that’s signaling now is an excellent time to buy gold stocks. We also look at how fear in the marketplace has trumped well-defined bullish fundamentals for several commodities. While others may be placing sell orders, we see compelling reasons to own commodity-related shares.
  Read more about Time to Buy Gold Shares

Stocks Sink on Deflating Expectations 09-25-14

Stocks are struggling as global growth concerns weight on investors’ minds. While those concerns are not entirely unfounded, they are inflated. Read more about Stocks Sink on Deflating Expectations 09-25-14